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Shareable Content: Black Designers to Follow & Hire

Doug Schowengerdt

30 August 2020

Back in April, we explored the state of design in the age of spreading information. As the need to inform the public united with the lightning speed of digital communication, designers and illustrators took their talents to Instagram to create shareable content for constantly changing times. The infographic became a mainstay in our online language for its power to make data digestible, approachable, and memorable.

As we go into August, the need to stay aware is just as high and the infographic is just as relevant. As protests against police brutality took place across the world, designers and activists quickly began reporting on aspects of systemic racism in our society. Infographics became essential for explaining concepts, recommending educational resources, and exploring arguments for #DefundthePolice. Shareable content has helped raise awareness for global issues, such as the humanitarian crisis in Yemen or the violence attacks in Armenia from Azerbaijan. Design has become a crucial tool for keeping up conversations on current events.

Digital design also serves as a valuable resource during isolation. As the virus continues to impact the production of creative content, illustration poses real value when hosting photoshoots (safely) isn’t really a thing. Just this past week, GCDS unveiled a 3D-animated lookbook by artist Karol Sudolski. With a new appreciation for technology, creative work continues to transform alongside quarantining.

With a growing interest in graphic design and illustration, we rounded up some of our favorite designers and illustrators. We want to shout out some of the beautiful artists we’re keeping tabs on in hopes that their work goes from our feeds onto campaigns and billboards. All the artists we’re listing are Black because we want to see more and more Black artists paid fairly for their work. So much of our culture is shaped by Black creativity, so let’s hire Black creatives.

CozCon, @cozcon

Safara, @artbysafara

Deja Brown, @deja.doodles

Amika Cooper, @blackpowerbarbie

Shanée Benjamin, @shaneebenjamin

Daiana Ruiz, @dai.ruiz

Aleea Rae, @allearaeart

Jack & Bec, @jackandbec

Mia Saine, @theofficialmiasaine

Monica Ahanonu, @monicaahanonu

Hippy Potter, @hippypotter
If you’re looking for resources to find more Black creatives, check out Hire Black Creatives for a collection of people in fields ranging from photography to motion picture to writing!

Lots of love,

the projects*